The Tahoe 20 Miler - Run, Jog, Walk
(actually 19.6 miles)

A Sunday morning jaunt you will never forget!
 September 14, 2014
7 a.m. start from Homewood

revised October 16, 2013



Tahoe 20 Mile Run/Power Walk or Jog  
This is a non-competitive event for walker- joggers. There will be finishers medals and timed finisher's results, but no competitive awards. This is designed for the power walker, but a runner can use it as a 20 mile  training run for a future marathon event. The start will be at Homewood which is the 10K mark of the regular marathon.  Homewood is 6 miles south of Tahoe City. While inspecting the course stop in at the Tahoe Maritime Museum in Homewood.


Use this address to map start area.

5205 West Lake Blvd
Homewood, CA 96141


 by Jenny Antonucci 

Shuttle Bus information.
If you stay in Tahoe City, drive to Homewood and park your car there.
After the race, take the shuttle bus from the finish line back to the 20 mile start Line
and ask the driver to let you off near your car.

If you stay in South Lake Tahoe, take the shuttle bus from the South Lake Tahoe Transportation Center next to the
Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel.

See the shuttle bus schedule printed on the back of your race number or this web site.