The 15th Lake Tahoe Marathon Week of Events

September 22-26, 2010

  1. In two weeks Lake Tahoe will have nearly 3000 athletes arriving in South Lake Tahoe to Run, Bike, Swim, Kayak, Paddle Board, and to play Speed Golf over five days.
  1. The community will do well economically with the nearly 8500 total visitors taking part in the festivities. We hope your business does well.
  1. There will be some inconveniences on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, September 25th, the Great Lake Tahoe 72 Mile Bike Race will start and finish at Zephyr Cove. Anticipate the Peloton coming across the state line into CA from the start in Zephyr Cove about 7:15. The CHP will lead the Peloton through SLT and arrive at the Y about 7:35 before heading up Emerald Bay. Try to avoid Hwy 89 north between 7:30 and 8:30 as there will be some slow going with the Peloton traveling around 24 miles per hour and the slower bikes even slower. Also try to avoid traveling from Tahoe City around the East shore to the Hwy 28 & Hwy 50 intersection on Spooner between 8:30 and 9:30 AM, as the Peloton will be climbing slowly up hill from Incline to Spooner summit.
  1. Marathon Sunday, Sept 26th, Emerald Bay Road will close at 7 AM sharp at Spring Creek. Camp Rich and Fallen Leaf Lake Road will remain open all the time. Highway 89 will reopen northbound at about 1:30 PM. Southbound remains open, but slow and with delays, southbound from Tahoe City. Traffic between Tahoe City, Homewood, and Tahoma should be clear in both directions by 10 A.M. as the slower runners move south at a pace of about 11 minutes per mile. The leaders will leave Commons Beach in Tahoe City at 8 AM and move at about 5 minutes per mile.
  1. The Marathon puts on a trade show for athletes at the Horizon Casino Resort on Saturday September 25th. If you would like to put your business in front of these 8500+ people who will walk through our Expo, please contact Jim Mrazak <>; to reserve a trade booth.
  1. Local discounts are available for athletes registering whose driverís license shows a Lake Tahoe address.
    The promo code for locals is: 
    Tahoe Local giving locals a 15% discount. The promo code and discount is only good by registering on line at
  1. For general information go to:
  1. The Lake Tahoe Marathon is a 501 C 3 non-profit devoted to bring athletes and visitors to Lake Tahoe and giving back to youth groups and giving college scholarships to those local students who help make the event possible and a success.


Time Line for Lake Tahoe Marathon Week of  Events

Day Date   Time Event Details
 Wed. Sept.  22  10 AM Race Director's  fun run Cold Creek Trail
Wed. Sept  22 5 PM Historic Fun Run Meet Neal Chappell at Camp Richardson Lodge for a 3-4 mile jog around the historic lakefront mansions, along the edge of the eagle marsh, and maybe up to Fallen Leaf Lake. Call  Neal Chappell at (775)-588-1411 for details.
 Wed. Sept.  22 6 PM Volunteer Meeting Horizon Casino Resort
Door prizes for volunteers. 3 raffle tickets for those who arrive before 6 PM, 1 for those who arrive after.
Thu. Sept. 23 8 AM Speed Golf Registration  Tahoe Paradise Golf Course
Thu. Sept. 23  9:00 AM Speed Golf  Tahoe Paradise Golf Course
Thu. Sept. 23  1 PM Free Kayak Clinic Timber Cove Lodge Beach  Please RSVP
Thu. Sept. 23 3-5 PM Pick up Triple Registration material Outside Horizon Casino Banquet Room
Thu. Sept. 23  5:30-7 PM Tahoe Triple Marathon Buffet Dinner  Horizon Casino Banquet Room
Thu. Sept. 23 10 PM First leg of Double Dare Horizon Casino Front Sidewalk
 Fri. Sept.  24  7:15 AM Emerald Bay Marathon  Emerald Bay to Spooner Lake
 Fri. Sept.  24  7:30-9 AM Pick up kayak & swim Lakeside Beach at Lakeside Park at Stateline
 Fri. Sept.  24  9 AM 5 & 10 Mile Kayak Lakeside Beach at Lakeside Park at Stateline
Fri Sept 24 9 AM Quick 10 min long distance swim clinic by Tom Linthicum trans Tahoe swimmer
 Fri. Sept.  24  9:20 AM Swim starts Lakeside Beach at Lakeside Park at Stateline
 Fri. Sept.  24 11 AM  Kayak & Swim awards: Lakeside Beach at Lakeside Park at Stateline
 Fri. Sept.  24 5 PM Historic Fun Run

 Meet with Neal Chappell, Tahoe's own National Master's x-country and road racing champion for a scenic and historic easy run to beautiful Nevada Beach thru native Indian campgrounds and Pony Express trails. We'll meet at the bell desk at the Horizon Hotel at 5:30 both Thursday and Friday and leave from there. Be sure to ask Neal after the run for his 2 for 1 coupons at many local restaurants, you'll like some of these for your pre-race carbo loading and the price is right!
Email: or  775-588-1411

Fri. Sept. 24 5-8 PM Bike Timing Chip distribution Horizon Casino Resort Ballroom
Fri. Sept. 24 7 -7:30 PM Bike Race Orientation Meeting Horizon Casino Resort Ballroom
Sat. Sept. 25 6:00 AM Meet in the parking lot at Zephyr Cove Lodge Zephyr Cove Lodge
 Sat. Sept. 25  7:00 AM  72 Mile Cycle around Lake Tahoe  Zephyr Cove Lodge start
 Sat. Sept. 25  7:45 AM  Cal-Neva Marathon  Spooner Lake to Tahoe City
 Sat. Sept. 25  8:30 AM  35 Mile Cycle Ride Tahoe City to Zephyr Cove
 Sat. Sept. 25 9 AM -7:30 PM Tahoe Sports & Fitness  Expo Horizon Casino Resort: Number pickup until 8:30 PM
 Sat. Sept. 25 2 PM Optimist Kids Fun Run   Pope Beach Marathon Finish area
 Sat. Sept. 25 1 PM Around the Lake And Course Tour leaving from the Horizon Casino Resort Valet Parking
 Sat. Sept. 25 4 PM 72 Mile Ultra Orientation Meeting Horizon Ballroom
Sat. Sept. 25 4:30 PM Shuttle bus to Tahoe Queen Sunset Pasta Cruise departs from Valet Parking at the Horizon
 Sat. Sept. 25 5:15 PM Sunset Pasta Cruise Board the Tahoe Queen  at  at Ski Run Marina
 Sat. Sept. 25 10 PM The Tahoe 72 & 50 Milers + 72 Relay Bike path south of Pope Beach
Sun. Sept 26 5 AM Marathon Walkers Bus departs At the Horizon Casino Ballroom
Sun. Sept. 26 6 AM   No race day registration or number pick up. Numbers will be at start lines race morning. At the Horizon Casino Ballroom
Sun. Sept 26 7 AM H89 Closes at Spring Creek, the 23 Mile Mark  to northbound traffic opens at 1:30 PM (maybe earlier)
Sun. Sept. 26 6:45 AM 20 Mile Walk-Run Bus Departure to Homewood Back parking lot of the  Horizon Casino Ballroom
Sun. Sept. 26 6:30 AM Marathon Bus departure to Tahoe City Back of the  Horizon Casino Ballroom
Sun. Sept. 26 7:15 AM 5K Bus departure to Pope Beach Back of the  Horizon Casino Ballroom
Sun. Sept. 26 7:20 AM 10K Bus departure to Inspiration Point Back of the  Horizon Casino Ballroom
Sun. Sept. 26 8:45 AM Half Marathon Bus departure to Rubicon Back of the  Horizon Casino Ballroom
Sun. Sept. 26 6:30 AM Marathon Walkers Start Commons Beach in Tahoe City
 Sun. Sept. 26  8:00 AM 20 Mile Power Walk Homewood
 Sun. Sept. 26  8:00 AM  Men's & Women's MarathonsRelays Commons Beach, Tahoe City 
 Sun. Sept. 26  8:30 AM 5K   Start & Finish at Pope Beach
 Sun. Sept. 26  9 AM 10K Starts near Inspiration Point overlooking Emerald Bay
 Sun. Sept. 26 10:20 AM Half Marathon Near Rubicon Realty
 Sun. Sept. 26  11 AM VIP   Brunch Finish Line
 Sun. Sept. 26  varies Spectator Buses Horizon Casino Resort for pick up
(ride with runners to start lines)
 Sun. Sept. 26  9:30 AM 5K awards Pope Beach
 Sun. Sept. 26  11 AM 10K awards Pope Beach
Sun. Sept. 26 noon Marathon, Half, Triple overall awards Pope Beach
 Sun. Sept. 26  12:30 PM Half Marathon awards Pope Beach
 Sun. Sept. 26 2 PM Marathon awards Pope Beach
 Sun. Sept. 26 2:30 PM Marathon Relays awards Pope Beach
 Sun.  Sept. 26  2:45 PM Ultra, Triple awards Pope Beach
Sun Sept. 26 3:30 PM Timing ends for all events Pope Beach
Sun. Sept 26 6 PM Marathon Party at Hard Rock Harvey's Casino Resort
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Sun. Sept. 25 2011 Next years Lake Tahoe Marathon