Tahoe Triple


The Tahoe Double Dare

A Thursday -Sunday you will never forget
  September 27-29, 2013
10 PM start on Thursday and Saturday nights

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as of March 21, 2013

The First 72 miler of the Tahoe  Double Dare

  1. The first 72 miler will start at 10 PM Thursday after the Triple Dinner at the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel and finish at the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel.
  2. It will run clockwise around the lake staying on the shoulder facing traffic or on the sidewalk or bike paths on the lake side of the lake.
  3. The first night is completely self supporting with no time limit.

The Midnight Express (2nd lap of the Double Dare)

  1. The 2nd 72 Miler Tahoe Ultra will start between the entrance of Pope Beach the City limits sign on Highway 89 just north of South Lake Tahoe and run counter clockwise around the lake.
  2. The official start line is on the bike path approximately one half mile south of Pope Beach entrance and the finish line, and about 15 yards off Hwy 89. It will be completely dark without any street lights.
  3. The finish line is inside Pope Beach, same as the Marathon and other races.
  4. Be sure you have a headlamp for the first half mile until you get into city lights.
  5. The course is on the bike path or city sidewalks going through California.
  6. Wear as much reflective clothing and flashing lights as you can.
  7. There will be an orientation meeting at the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel Casino Resort at the Expo on Saturday afternoon at 3PM. 
  8. The 2nd 72 mile lap will travel counter clockwise around Lake Tahoe.
  9. The 2nd 72 mile lap will finish at the Marathon Finish on Pope Beach.
  10. The 2nd 72 mile lap start time is 10 PM on Saturday night.
  11. There will be a 18 hour time limit for the 2nd lap (4 pm on Sunday afternoon.)
  12. The first 46 miles will be unsupported after the start.
  13. You will need a support vehicle and crew.
  14. Support vehicle-person will be allowed to support up to 3 runners maximum.
  15. The support vehicle-person will need to monitor your well being and tend to your nutritional needs for the first 46 miles.
  16. Mile 46 is the start line area of the Lake Tahoe Marathon.
  17. The last 26.2 miles will be supported during the time of the Lake Tahoe Marathon.
  18. See the Time Line link

The Rules:

  • The cut off time at the finish line (Pope Beach)  will be 4 pm which is 18  hours.
    No whiners or woosies please.
  • You are required to have a support vehicle-person  for the first 46 miles. 3 runners per support vehicle maximum.



The course:

  • The start line has no lights, except for what you wear, for the first half mile. (Ultra Director Lucia Lake will start you and will lead you out of the darkness)
  • The first 9-10 miles will have street lights as you go through South Lake Tahoe, Stateline, and Round Hill.
  • You will need a light and reflective clothing and some flashing safety lights on your clothes.
  • Traffic will be very light during the middle of the night, but never the less dangerous
  • The course is on the road with a few bike paths to move on to whenever possible.
  • Shoulders are narrow in several places and especially going up Highway 50 towards Spooner Summit from Glenbrook.
  • The Cave Rock tunnel (about 40 yards long) is at about the 13 mile mark and has a very narrow shoulder and sidewalk and is dark.
  • Note: The  (one day) Around the Lake 72 mile ultra record is held by Rae Clark with a time of approximately  9:06:11 set in 1982. Find the Sept 2009 story on Peter Lubbers Blog


    Rae Clark 2009

    (Photo by Chris Hosmer)





     Car pooling requests will be posted here.
Send email to LesWright@sbcglobal.net to get posted.      



Peter Lubbers GPS 2006 account of first 46 miles of the Midnight Express 72 mile ultra, before batteries went dead. Click on link below


See Elevation Chart

6" stand up Finishers Medal for your desk
Embroidered travel bag
license plate holder
Marathon finishers neck medal
Overall trophy for male and female
All entrants get:

Event Wind Shirt
Racing Singlet
Finish Line hoopla
New friends
A Saturday night and Sunday morning run you will never forget

If you have questions contact our Tahoe 72 Ultra director, Lucia Lake 1-(707)-334-6884 email