Lake Tahoe Marathon Week of Events
September 12-14, 2014

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Day Date   Time Event Details
 Wed. Sept.  25 6 PM Volunteer Meeting Place TBA
Door prizes for volunteers. 3 raffle tickets for those who arrive before 6 PM, 1 for those who arrive after.
Thu. Sept. 26  1 PM Free Kayak Clinic Timber Cove Lodge Beach  Please RSVP
Thu. Sept. 26 3 -5 PM Pick up Triple, Emerald Bay Marathon & Half Marathon  Registration material Horizon Hotel Casino (changed)
Thu. Sept. 26 5 PM Historic Fun Run to Nevada Beach

 Tour with Neal Chappell, Tahoe's own National Master's x-country and road racing champion.

Thu. Sept. 26 3 PM Bib pick up starts for Friday morning races only Horizon Casino Hotel Resort ball room
Thu. Sept. 26  5:30-7 PM Tahoe Triple Marathon & Trifecta Half Marathon Buffet Dinner and bib pickup Horizon Casino Hotel Resort ball room
Thu. Sept. 26 9 PM First leg of Double & Triple Dare Near Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel
Fri. Sept 27 6 AM Emerald Bay Half & Marathon Bus Next to Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel at 4114 Lake Tahoe Blvd
 Fri. Sept. 27  7 AM Emerald Bay Marathon  Emerald Bay to Spooner Lake
Fri Sept. 27 7 AM Emerald Bay Half Marathon Emerald Bay to Lakeside Beach, Stateline, CA
 Fri. Sept. 27  7:30-9 AM   Pick up kayak  material Lakeside Beach at Lakeside Park at Stateline, CA
Fri Sept 27 8:30-9:45 Pick up Swim caps  
 Fri. Sept. 27  9 AM 5 Mile Kayak, Stand Up Paddle (SUP) 2 & 5 miles Lakeside Beach at Lakeside Park at Stateline, CA
 Fri. Sept. 27  10 AM Swim starts   Lakeside Beach at Lakeside Park at Stateline
 Fri. Sept. 27 11 AM  Kayak & Swim awards: Lakeside Beach at Lakeside Park at Stateline
 Fri. Sept. 27 5 PM Historic Fun Run to Nevada Beach

 Tour with Neal Chappell, Tahoe's own National Master's x-country and road racing champion.

Fri. Sept. 27 5-8 PM Expo Open for Runners and Cyclists
Bike Timing Chip distribution
& Cal-Neva Marathon & NV Half pickup
 Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel at 4114 Lake Tahoe Blvd
Fri. Sept. 27 6  PM Bike Race Orientation Q & A Meeting Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel at 4114 Lake Tahoe Blvd
Sat. Sept. 28 6:40 AM Meet in the parking lot at Zephyr Cove Lodge with your bike Zephyr Cove Lodge
Sat. Sept 28 6:45 AM Shuttle Bus to Cal Neva Marathon & NV Half  Next to Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel at 4114 Lake Tahoe Blvd
 Sat. Sept. 28  7:00 AM  72 Mile Bike around Lake Tahoe  start at Zephyr Cove Lodge
 Sat. Sept. 28  7:45 AM  Cal-Neva Marathon  Spooner Lake to Tahoe City (Marathon)
Sat. Sept. 28 7:45 AM Tahoe Nevada Half Marathon Spooner to Incline Village (Half Marathon)
 Sat. Sept. 28  8:30 AM  35 Mile Bike Ride Tahoe City to Zephyr Cove
Sat. Sept. 28 11 AM Bike Awards begins Zephyr Cove Lodge on the beach
 Sat. Sept. 28 9 AM -7:30 PM Tahoe Sports & Fitness  Expo Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel  (Number pickup until 8:30 PM)
 Sat. Sept. 28 2 PM Optimist Kids Fun Run   Pope Beach Marathon Finish area
 Sat. Sept. 28 4 PM Tahoe Double Marathon & 72 Mile Ultra Orientation Meeting Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel
Sat. Sept. 28 4:30 PM Shuttle bus to Tahoe Queen Sunset Pasta Cruise Tahoe Queen has shuttle service, call them.
 Sat. Sept. 28 6 PM Sunset Pasta Cruise Board the Tahoe Queen  at  at Ski Run Marina
 Sat. Sept. 28 9 PM The Tahoe 72 Mile Ultra Bike path south of Pope Beach
Sat Sept 28 11:59 PM Tahoe Double Down Double Marathon Running the Cal-Neva and LTM back to back
Sun. Sept 29 4:50 AM Marathon Walkers Bus departs Next to Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel at 4114 Lake Tahoe Blvd
Sun. Sept 29 7 AM H89 Closes at Spring Creek, the 23 Mile Mark  to northbound traffic Re-opens at Noon
Sun. Sept. 29 5:15 AM Marathon & 20 Miler Bus to Tahoe City Next to Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel at 4114 Lake Tahoe Blvd
Sun. Sept. 29 6:55 AM 5K & 10K Bus departures H50 & H89 at the Y (TJ Maxx landmark)
Sun. Sept. 29 6:30 AM Marathon Walkers Start Commons Beach in Tahoe City
 Sun. Sept. 29  7:00 AM 20 Mile Power Walk Homewood
 Sun. Sept. 29  7:00 AM   Marathon Commons Beach, Tahoe City 
Sun. Sept. 29 7:30 AM Half Marathon Bus departure to Rubicon STC at 4114 Lake Tahoe Blvd or the "Y"
Sun. Sept. 29 8:30 AM 5K    Starts 500 yards south of  Spring Creek Rd
 Sun. Sept. 29  8:30 AM 10K Starts near Inspiration Point overlooking Emerald Bay
 Sun. Sept. 29 9:30 AM Half Marathon Near Rubicon Realty
 Sun. Sept. 29  10:30 AM VIP   Lunch On the Beach by the Finish Line 10:30 - 2:30 PM
 Sun. Sept. 29  9:15 AM 5K & 10K awards Pope Beach
 Sun. Sept. 29  11:30 AM Half Marathon awards Pope Beach
Sun. Sept. 29 noon Marathon awards Pope Beach
 Sun.  Sept. 29  when finished Ultra, Triple awards Pope Beach
Sun Sept. 29 2:30 PM Timing ends for all events Pope Beach
Sun Sept 29 noon till ? After Race Party TBA
Sun January 19 2014 Maui Oceanfront Marathon Events Wailea to Lahaina, Maui (5K, 10K, 15K, Half, Marathon)
Sun. Sept. 28 2014 Next years Lake Tahoe Marathon September 26-28, 2014

 Jon Paul Gallery


We offer you maybe the most beautiful set of races, runs, jogs, or  walks you will ever do.

The Marathon, 20 Miler and Half Marathon offer you challenging hills, spectacular scenery, and the gathering of the nicest people any of us know. Add in a finisher's  medal for all runs,  walks, and relays, a nice long sleeve wind shirt  without sponsor's logos, hot dogs and beer and everyone finishing  on one of the prettiest beaches at Lake Tahoe. The 10K is the last 6.2 of the marathon course and is a spectacular all down hill run (99%). You've seen Meg Ryan riding her bike on the ridge in the movie (City of Angels) near the starting line of the 10K.  Or do the 5K  a looped run around Valhalla that starts and finishes at the marathon finish line. Plus the 3 Day Triathlon, the Triple Marathon, and the 72 Mile  Ultra Marathon, and Speed Golf. Bike, kayak,, fun, fun.



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2003, 2004, 2010  Champ John Weru &  2006, 2007, 2008 Champ Tony Torres passing  mile 5


   Come early to better acclimatize and experience the beautiful running trails of Tahoe.   





Les Wright, Director 


Here's what some of the alumni have said..  Click here for more comments.

"I've run the Half Marathon for the last three years, and let me just say
that the Tahoe Marathon events are some of the best organized, well
supported, beautiful and fun races of the 200 or so events I've done in
the last fifteen years.  I look forward to this race like no other.
 Thank you very much for putting them on.  You do a fantastic job." ...Gabriel  9/29/2002

"This is just a brief note  to commend you on a fantastic run!!
In my twenty some years  of road racing, I have entered hundreds of races in Northern California/San Francisco Bay Area and I can't recall a better, more organized event than yours.
The pre race publicity, the web page, the expo, the shuttle service, the volunteers, the T-shirts, the aid stations, medals...everything was superb! The scenery wasn't too shabby either.
A big "high five" to the directors, the volunteers, the community, to all involved, for an incredible experience!"
See you next year!!
P. C. , Occidental, CA
We've run your marathon (the 4 runner's from Germany).
Because it was so beautiful, we come again with 5 runners. F. W. , Sassenburg-Stude, Germany
click here for more alumni comments


A Sunday morning run you will never forget....

Kokanee Salmon spawning at Taylor Creek Bridge  27 mile mark
Dirk Yuricich Photography

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You don't have to be the fastest, just not the slowest.......

If you have questions contact the race director at (530) 544-7095 or email

Thomas Haen Company Inc.

Jon Paul Gallery

Emerald Bay above the 19 mile mark


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