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See these spawning Kokanee salmon under the Taylor Creek Bridge while doing the Emerald Bay Half Marathon or the LTM. At about 3 miles along your route.

You will receive:
  • Beautiful finishers medal

  • Finishers license plate frame

  • Long sleeve tech shirt at the expo which will be great for your winter training runs

  • Overall awards for winners and masters

  • Top 25 men and women get special Top 25 Wind Shirt

  • Shuttle bus service to the start area

  • Alpine Horns entertain at the start area

  • Great aid stations every mile

  • Music at the finish line

  • Bagpiper leads you to the start line


LTM 2021 Half at Cascade from up above.JPG









The Start Line

Emerald Bay Half Marathon


Sunday October 20,  10:30AM. 
Pick up your race bibs Saturday, only, at the Beach Retreat from 10AM to 6PM, otherwise at the start line. Bring a bottle of wine to the start line for the wonderful volunteer who is doing this for you.


Maybe the most beautiful race in the world

The starting point is 3/10th mile south of Inspiration Point parking lot at the top of Emerald Bay, providing a downhill race. This is a 99% downhill race.  It now departs at the same spot where Meg Ryan bikes down the narrow spine of the ridge overlooking Emerald Bay, Cascade Lake, and Lake Tahoe in the movie "City of Angels." This may be the most beautiful run you ever do. The finish is at Lakeside Beach below the casino's at Stateline. Finish at the Beach House at 4081 Lakeshore Blvd. in SLT.

Link to Emerald Bay Half Marathon photos and videos.


Buses will drop you off at Inspiration Point where you will ooh and aah at the view and listen to the Alpine horn concert while doing your persoanl business. At 10:10 the bag piper will lead you from Inspiration Point down to the start line. All traffic will be stopped  at that time. The first 3 miles are all down hill, until you reach Taylor Creek Bridge where you will cross over the spawning fire cracker red Kokanee salmon (pictured left), by the Pope and Valhalla Historical Estates, by Camp Richardson, continue on into Tahoe Keys and the city of South Lake Tahoe and run the bike paths all the way to Lakeside Beach just past the Casino corridor. A cold beer, hot dog, finishers medal, and music await you on our beach side finish line. There are aid stations every mile to cheer and pamper you. Pick up your included travel bag and long sleeve hoodedt-shirt at the expo, only. 


The Emerald Bay Half is also the last part of the 3-Day Trifecta. About 150 of the runners lined up beside you will have run the Nevada Half on Friday and the Carnelian Bay Half on Saturday.

You will receive:​
  • All finishers get a beautiful finishers medal

  • All finishers get a license plate holder.

  • All finishers get a beautiful long sleeve hoodie technical t-shirt, which will be great for you winter training runs. 

  • The first man and women will receive an overall award

  • First Master's age group (40+) award will receive an award.

  • Medical attention and aid on the course and finish line

  • Shuttle bus service to the start area

  • Live Music, hot dogs and drinks at the Lakeside Beach finish line

  • And Food Trucks will be available.

  • Ultima Replenisher for on-course and finish line drinks

See map and elevation guide

LTM Emerald Bay Start 2019.jpg
LTM EB snake start 2019.jpg
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