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Please contact us if there are any other questions you have!

Can I pick up my race bib at the Sunday start line if I miss the Saturday bib pick up.

Yes. And you can pick up your other goodies at the finish line. But keep in mind t-shirts may be down to only XXL's and factory rejects. Sizing is first come first serve. So if your plane is late, we have you covered. 

Which events get the cool travel bags?

The first 1000 registered runners doing a Half Marathon, the 16 miler, the Marathon or 72-Mile Ultra or longer.

Is there a time limit for the races?

All races must be done by 3PM on Sunday and finish by noon on Friday or Saturday, except for the 72-mile Ultra and Ultra Relay. The Sunday Marathon using the 7AM early start would be 8 hours, and the Emerald Bay Half would be 4 1/2 hours.

Can't make the time limit? Do a shorter race.

Can I do just one race or two races instead of the whole 3 race Tahoe Triple or Trifecta?

Definitely. Most runners come to Tahoe to run just one race.  Just select the one race you want on whatever day it is running when you register.

Is the LTM is a Boston Marathon qualifier?


Average temperature for Oct. 9-11  is 32 degrees during the coldest part of the night and 63 degrees by day. Go to the 14 day forecast for South Lake Tahoe.

Tahoe typically has warm days and cold nights/mornings. 

At the 8AM marathon start line you should expect temperatures in the 40's or low 50's for Oct 9-11 start. If a cold snap comes in down into the 30's. 24 years ago we had a 24 degreee start line.

By the afternoon temperature will be in the 60's or even the 70's. Some October years we have had temperatures in the 80's.

So that wasn't much of a help, so the answer is be prepared. You will be able to toss your race bag in a trailer or under the bus and it will be waiting for you at the finish line. 

Tahoe Blue Vodka will have a nice clear bag with drawstring for you. Pick it up at packet pickup and put your race number and last name on it. 

Your last name is critical as all the bags will look alike.

What are the other runners like?

98% of our runners come from further than 50 miles. 98% of our runners are flatlanders. 99.999% registered online. 60% of our athletes are female.

Are Wheel Chairs & Crank Chairs Allowed?

Yes, but not encourage.  Candice Cane set the women's marathon record at 2:52:11

Is it easy to adjust to the Altitude?

It takes 5 to 6 weeks for your body to create enough new red blood cells to become a "local", fully acclimatized to the altitude. A 3 hour marathon runner will run the Tahoe Marathon 6 minutes slower than at sea level marathon with similar terrain and 12 minutes slower for a 4 hour marathoner.

Can I walk?

Walkers are welcome in all of our events. Some events have a special or custom early start for walkers. Otherwise walkers will start with the runners, but line up at the back of the pack.

Can I bring a baby stroller?

Yes. Just for the 5K and the 10K are the only events that have a  closed course without cars on your right shoulder. Start in the back at the starting line. Have a safety strap tied to your stroller and wrist to prevent a run away stroller if you should fall. We do not recommend doing any other distance with a stroller because of traffic in the next lane. If your child can toddle, have them run the Optimist Super Hero Kids Pumpkin Runs on Sunday  after you run the Five or Dime. The Five & Dime runs on grass, dirt, and pavement.

Is there child care?

google for child care

Where do the race fees go?

This event is basically supported by your race fees. We have two cash sponsors to help defray costs. We support many students who volunteer for our event and their clubs or teams as well as other non-profit organizations that help our event.

Are there refunds?

No refunds are given. Your entry fees help to support local youth scholarships, school teams and clubs. Please don't ask. Your entry fee is just like a non-refundable airline ticket. Except we are nicer. See our Charities & scholarships programs.

Should I have received a confirmation number?

Confirmation emails were sent out after you registered on line.  You can confirm your entry yourself using the confirmation link on the web page list under the Contact Us link. If you want us to do it for you it will cost you a bottle of Merlot.

Can I change my registered races?

Event changes can be made for free on line before Sept 12. After Sept 12 all changes need to be made at the expo for a $10 change fee. Pick up your old number and bring it to the cashier.

Where do I pick up my bib?

Numbers are not mailed out. Pick them up at the Expo on Thursday or Saturday. Go have fun on Friday. Triple, Trifecta, and Lakeside  Marathon  Nevada Half Marathon  pickups are on Thursday.  Start line pick ups may be possible for a bottle of Merlot. Check the Time Line for details.

What time is bib pick up?

Race numbers can be picked up at the Sports & Fitness Expo.  Check the Time Line for details. You must hand your photo ID verifying your ID and age to pick up your race number.​

See the Time Line for all times.

Will my name be on my bib?

Your first name will be printed in large font on your scenic race number if registered by September 12  noon.

Can I give my bib to someone else?

NO!! Your race bib is like an air line ticket. No refunds, no transfers. You need your photo ID to pick it up at the expo or start line. Giving your race number to someone else screws up the results and could cause a rightful age division placer to miss getting his award.

Can someone else pick up my number?

No one else will be allowed to pick up your race number without a Xerox copy of your photo ID and $10 contribution to the volunteer party (or a six pack of beer or a bottle of wine). Do not let anyone else use your number. It screws up the results, among other things.

Can I drop clothing during the marathon?

Not really. Drop them off before the race and you can pick them up at the finish line. If you have to discard clothing or wrappers, please do so at one of the many aid stations. Keep Tahoe Blue and Beautiful.

Where do I get my free shirt & bag?

Race Tech Shirts will be passed out at the expo or the finish line on a first come, first serve basis. All Sunday events will have warm up bags delivered back to the finish line.Each Half Marathoner, Marathoner, or Ultra runner will get a free travel bag at the expo only. You only get one, no matter how many races you are doing. We can not bring race bags to the finish lines on Sunday.

Are shuttles provided?

Yes, there are free pre-race shuttle buses from the Hard Rock Hotel & Casion on the west side of the hotel to multiple start lines. See the Shuttle Bus Schedule for details. There is copius amounts of  parking at the Hard Rock, only a short walk from the shuttles.There are post race shuttle buses on Friday and Saturday for $12  fee from the finish lines back to the Hard Rock. Harrahs and Harveys charge for parking. MontBleu Casino Resort and the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino  do not charge for parking.

When do the shuttles run?

Check the shuttle schedule here. Shuttle Bus schedules will also be printed on the back of your race bib.

Can anyone ride the shuttle?

No. You need to have a race number to board the shuttle buses from the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino for all 3 days. You will need a ticket to ride the post race shuttles on Friday and Saturday back to the Hard Rock.

Do I need to reserve a seat on the shuttles?

Yes, you need pay and  reserve a seat at the expo for all post race buses. No reservation needed for race morning buses.

Will Hwy. 89 (Emerald Bay Road) remain open?

The north bound lane from near Spring Creek Road - north of Camp Richardson - will close at 6:30 am and reopen at 11 am. The south bound lane is open but with many race related delays.

Where can I leave warm up clothes?

Bags will be provided at the Expo - put your name and number on the bag. Do not leave valuables in the bag. Put your bag in the appropriate box or bag in the trailer at the start line or in the bay of the bus. Collect your bag just past the finish line.

Where are the aid stations?

Aid stations are located 2 miles a part for the first 8 miles of the Marathon course, then 1 mile a part the rest of the way and 1 mile apart for the  half marathon on Sunday. All will serve water, most will serve Ultima Replenisher, and  various snacks such as cookies, fruit and candy.

When does the race end?

The Sunday finish line closes at 3:00pm for all races except the 72-mile Ultra

Where are awards?

Awards are presented to Marathoners at the beach front finish area on the podium. Finishers medals are awarded just after you cross the finish line. Other events can pick up their aid division awards when the results are posted and confirmed.

Do you hold other races?

Our other Marathon is the on January 17, 2021. Always on MLK weekend

Use this discount code to save $15 off registration. LTM2MOM

When is the 2021 LTM?

Future Lake Tahoe Marathon dates will  be  October 8-10, 2021.

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