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Features to Look For in Secure Cloud Storage for Personal Use

Data at rest in the cloud needs to be protected with both procedural and physical measures, including being stored in an encrypted environment.

Some of the top cloud storage services also provide offline access, allowing users to download and view files when there is no Internet access available.


Data encryption should be at the core of any secure cloud storage service, as you want your files protected both at rest (on a server) and during transit between devices and cloud services, to protect them from being accessed by anyone without the key necessary to decrypt them.

Multiple data centers can also provide valuable protection. If one server becomes compromised, your information will still be safe on another one - for instance pCloud offers servers in both Dallas and Luxembourg for this reason.

When choosing a cloud storage service provider like, it's crucial to ensure they offer backup capabilities. This feature becomes invaluable in safeguarding your data against cyber threats, such as ransomware attacks that encrypt files and demand payment for decryption. While many personal cloud storage services include backup features, it's always recommended to regularly back up your devices for added peace of mind.


Most cloud storage services offer various features to protect the security of your data, including access controls, encryption, backups and monitoring - these safeguards help prevent hackers from accessing sensitive information that lies stored therein and taking their share.

Your provider's servers also play an integral part in protecting the files you store with them. If they are located within the US, for instance, they could fall under mass surveillance laws and may need to hand over information upon request by law enforcement agencies.

Internxt provides all these features as standard with its open source philosophy and commitment to privacy-focused technologies, in addition to TLS/SSL encryption for transit data protection and AES-256 encryption of files stored at rest on its cloud servers.


Cloud storage makes your files accessible from any internet-connected device with an internet browser, eliminating the worry of files getting lost when one device crashes or another goes offline.

Encrypted cloud storage providers such as Proton Drive are an excellent option when searching for secure cloud storage options. A service using TLS/SSL for data in transit and AES-256 for storage data offers maximum protection; however, even these can be breached; therefore end-to-end encrypted services offer added peace of mind.

Location matters when it comes to cloud storage security; servers located within the US could fall prey to mass surveillance laws(new window), giving access to government agencies who might gain access to your files. Therefore, personal cloud services that use servers from other nations may offer greater peace of mind.


Synchronizing files across various devices or locations is essential in cloud storage, ensuring your files remain up-to-date without risk of data loss. With this feature in place, your files are always current without fear of data being misplaced or altered accidentally.

Synchronizing is another key advantage, because it doesn't rely on downloading files to your device before syncing takes place. This means you don't have to rely solely on internet speed but can work offline as often as necessary.

As part of selecting a personal cloud solution, be mindful of its server location as this will impact data security. US-based servers, for instance, may be subject to mass surveillance laws allowing government agencies access without your knowledge or consent. To protect yourself against such intrusions and safeguard your files effectively Tresorit provides robust cybersecurity infrastructure including monitoring and encryption at rest and during transmission with two factor authentication (two factor).


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