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The Tahoe Triple Marathon (3 x 26.2) Group

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Jack White
Jack White

I recently hosted a wedding at a picturesque venue that provided a designated garden and event tent. The reservation required a $500 damage deposit upfront and full payment a month before the event. They mentioned additional charges for cleaning or repairs post-event. What has been your experience with similar venues regarding the clarity and fairness of these policies?

Melissa Wind
Melissa Wind
7 days ago

I recently hosted an event at Westport Winery Garden Resort and found their Westport Winery Garden Resort customer service exceptional. They were clear about the $500 damage deposit and payment deadlines. The venue was stunning, perfect for weddings with its beautiful garden and spacious event tent. Regarding cleaning and repair costs, they promptly refunded our deposit without deductions. Overall, I highly recommend them for anyone planning a special event!



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