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The Tahoe Triple Marathon (3 x 26.2) Group

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Celeste Bright
Celeste Bright

At WiseApp - Brain Game, we are dedicated to creating engaging and challenging games that stimulate the mind. Our newest releases, Block Puzzle in the Stone Age and Polygon Geometric Shape Puzzle, are designed to do just that.

Block Puzzle in the Stone Age takes you on a journey back to prehistoric times. This game helps train your reaction and attention through a variety of engaging block puzzles, all set against a unique Stone Age backdrop.

Polygon Geometric Shape Puzzle offers a modern puzzle experience where you move polygons to fill an empty field. This game tests your strategic thinking and spatial awareness with vibrant colors and increasingly challenging levels.

Both games are perfect for those looking to improve their cognitive skills while having fun. Dive into the world of WiseApp - Brain Game and experience the perfect blend of entertainment and mental exercise.


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