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Cal-Neva Marathon


Saturday,  6:30 AM to Noon
You can request to start early to finish by Noon.


The Cal-Neva Marathon is a boutique marathon limited to 100  runners. It is run as part of the Tahoe TripleThe course starts at Sand Harbor, Nevada, south of Incline Village, and ends near Meadow Road & H89, just south of Homewood, CA.  This marathon can be run a la carte or as part of the Triple Marathon. 

For this race, you must follow the Rules of the Road as you run on the shoulder or bike path. Always stay on the left side and face traffic when not on the bike path.


If you do not have transportation to the start and a ride back from the finish, you should buy a round-trip ticket on the charter bus. Buses leave from the Beach Retreat & Hotel race morning and return there.

 A support crew is strongly suggested for your transportation needs, encouragement, nutrition, and picture-taking.


However, transportation can be purchased at the Expo or online for your round trip from the Beach Retreat, but not back to the Sand Harbor start. There is public transportation on TART back to the Carnelian Bay start line. There will be six Aid Stations along the marathon route, approximately every four miles. The finish line is just south of Homewood. There is a TV Cam at Obexer's Marina at Homewood.


The Saturday Cal-Neva Marathon is the fastest and flattest of the three marathons. The second half of the marathon is the "Carnelian Bay Half Marathon," which starts at Carnelian Bay in Watermans Landing Beach and the parking lot. The first part of the Marathon is in Nevada, and the balance is in California, meaning it can be counted for either state in your quest to run all 50 states. 


The views of this race are incredible. Starting at Sand Harbor and running along the lake counterclockwise, the Cal-Neva Marathon starts at about 6230' and ends at lake level at 6230'. See the elevation gain and map below.

This race is run on the shoulder of the road facing traffic or on the adjacent bike paths. In some spots, the shoulder is very narrow. On H89, south of Tahoe City, you will cross the road several times to stay on the bike paths.


There is a different finisher medal for each race and each day, and finisher license plate holders are awarded at the finish.  Tech shirts will be awarded at the Expo or finish line. Each race has an overall award, but no age division or other awards will be given to these boutique races. 

For the race's first hour, you should wear a headlamp and safety flashers. You can drop off your well-marked headlamp with your support team or at the first aid station or retrieve it at the finish line.

You will receive:​
  • All finishers get a beautiful finishers medal.

  • All finishers get a license plate holder and a backpack bag at the finish line.

  • All finishers get a beautiful long-sleeved technical t-shirt at the finish line, which will be great for your winter training runs. 

  • The first man and woman will receive an overall award.

  • Master's awards for the first man and women (40+).

  • Aid on the course and finish line

  • Shuttle bus service to the start & finish and back is available.

  • Hot dogs and drinks at the Homewood finish line

  • "Superieur" sports drink is served on the course. 

Sign up for the shuttle bus if you do not have a support crew.


On course marks for this race are every 5 miles. The map below shows miles to go.


Click here to zoom in for details and elevations.

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