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 Click here for your 2016 Race Results

Note: Some of the  Lakeside Marathon & Nevada half Marathon race times were affected by highway road closures. The winners were declared after about 20 miles and the times shown are for completing the full courses. Not all runners were effected.

See and download your free photo's 

Missed your award? Contact Leilani


Timing issue: Contact Lynn


Complaints: call your mom


Suggestions: The Ring Master




Compliments will be forwarded to the Race Committee and Volunteers


Vote for your favorite Aid Station after the Sunday Marathon.
Winning Aid Station and runner up get extra $$


Many thanks for coming. Next year, probably the same weekend, Oct 6-8, 2017 but we are considering Oct 13-15


Your next race:

Maui Oceanfront Marathon January 15, 2017

$10 discount for Tahoe Alumni

promo code: Tahoe Alumni


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