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 2024  Time Line 

Wednesday -  October 16

5:45PM -7PM

Volunteer Meeting at Lake Tahoe Pizza

1168 Lake Tahoe Blvd, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150


Thursday -  October 17


Bib Pickup for the Triple only at 2PM

3PM for all others: Trifecta, Lakeside Marathon, Nevada Half Marathon  will be at the BlueZone Sports, 2011 Lake Tahoe Blvd, SLT, CA 96150.  
(Located in the shopping Center at the Y, intersection of H50 & H89.)

Pick up your bib and singlet and any running supplies you may need. 

Friday -  October 18

6:30 AM

The Lakeside Marathon starts on Lakeshore Blvd in front of The Landing Tahoe Resort. 4104 Lakeshore Blvd, SLT. (No Bus to start line.) It's dark, wear headlamp. Drop off at first Aid Station. 

8:15 AM

The Nevada Half Marathon starts on Spooner Summit in the Snow Play Park off of H28 at 8:15AM.

$30 round trip Shuttle Bus leaves from the south side of the Beach Resort & Lodge at  7:00 AM.

Friday and Saturday race bibs will be at the start lines if you missed Thursday pickups.

Saturday -  October 19

4:50 AM

A $30 round trip charter bus departs Beach Retreat & Lodge to Sand Harbor for the start of the  Cal Neva Marathon. Hopefully someone loves you or you will have a crew to provide your transportation, take your picture and tend to your needs

6:30 AM

The Cal Neva Marathon starts inside Sand Harbor State Park at the boat ramp and ends on H89 at Meadow Drive south of Homewood. Drive in and out main gate to get to the start area. You need a headlamp. 

6:40 AM

The $30 charter Bus departs Beach Retreat & Lodge for Carnelian Bay Half Marathon. Hopefully some one loves you and will give you a ride. Or you are buying either beer or lunch  for your crew or new friends.

8:15 AM

Carnelian Bay Half Marathon starts in the parking lot of Waterman's Landing and ends on H89 at Meadow Drive south of Homewood. 


Pick up your Bibs and Swag  at the Beach Retreat & Lodge Lakeview Ballroom in the Event Center for all your Sunday events. Pick up your race bibs Saturday for your Sunday event, only, at the Beach Retreat from 10AM to 6PM, otherwise at the start line. But bring a bottle of wine to the start line for the wonderful volunteer who is doing this for you.

5PM.      72-Mile Ultra Meeting including the 72-Mile Ultra Relay. Meet in the Lakeview                    Ballroom Room at the Beach Retreat & Lodge


72 Mile Midnight Express Ultra & 4-Person 72-Mile Ultra Realy around Lake Tahoe. Starts at East side of Hard Rock Hotel Casino by the valet parking area. You need to be lit like a Xmas Tree and have a support crew.

Sunday -  Funday October 20

Shuttle Bus Schedule is on the back of your Race Bib and  buses leave from 3 locations (except for early start Marathon): Lake Tahoe Transportaion Center at Stateline, the Beach Retreat & Lodge at 3411 Lake Tahoe Blvd (Highway 50), SLT, CA, and BlueZone Sports at the instersection of H50 & H89.

 Lake Tahoe Double Marathon

Start at the entrance to Sand Harbor State Park south of Incline Village. You will do the Cal Neva Marathon and the Lake Tahoe Marathon back to back. You should have full aid stations for the 2nd marathon. You need support team vehicle for first marathon. You will self start and turn your start time into timer if you start other than midnight. None competitive.

Early start is at 7AM for an over 6 hour finish. No age awards for early starters. Early bus will leave from the Beach Retreat Hotel only at 5:45AM.

H89 North Bound Road closure starts at 7AM near Spring Creek.

 Road Closes at 7AM: Emerald Bay Road (H89) closes northbound near Spring Creek Road. South bound traffic is open except between 10AM and 11AM  for the start of the Emerald Bay Half Marathon.

Marathon Buses leave the Beach Retreat Hotel at 6:15AM for 8AM start. Its ok to be dropped off at the start line. Drop off at Meadow Rd and McKinney Rd. providing you get past the 7AM road block at Spring Creek.

Lake Tahoe Marathon and the 4-Person Marathon Relay

One start at 8AM No age division awards for early starters. The official LTM starts at 8AM.  Relays use their own car and need a road pass.


10K  starts  at 9AM with those in costume getting a 1 minute head start at 8:59AM. The timing starts at 9AM. No buses needed. Park for a park for fee at the Hard Rock and walk 5 blocks to the Lakeside Beach start-finish area. Pick up your number and t-shirt at the Beach Retreat Hotel on Saturday.

9:10 AM

5K starts at 9:10 with those in costume starting at 9:09AM.


Kids Soroptimist Pumpkin Runs

Kids 1-10 years old. Meet on Sunrise Lane

Age appropriate distances

10:30 AM Emerald Bay Half Marathon

One start only.  

Free shuttle Buses leave from 3 places starting at 8:15AM.  

See the back of your race bib for details. Pick ups are being planned for Stateline, Beach Retreat and the BlueZone Sports at the Y. 

Our wonderful Bagpiper will lead you to the startline on the ridge at 10:10AM for the 10:30 start. Alpen Horns will entertain you at this magnificent starting area. No private cars. You may be dropped off if coming from the north, Tahoe City.

Road closes Northbound from SLT at 7AM.

Post Race Transportation

Down load the LakeLink ap onto your phone. the "Lake Link" provides free shuttle service within 3 miles of the Finish line. Download the link onto your phone now, please. You can also walk up to the Transportation center and take the Free city bus further.

The Post-Race Free City Bus


 The Bus leaves from the Stateline Transit Center which is about 5 blocks from the finish line.

Walk up Stateline Ave (next to The Landing Hotel) to the Transit Center.

Address is: 4114 Lake Tahoe Blvd (Highway 50) It’s behind Stateline Brewery on Transit Way on the mountain side of H50.


The Free bus leave there and stops in front of the Beach Retreat and then stops near the BlueZone at the Y. It takes about 6 minutes to the Beach Retreat and 20 minutes to BlueZone at the Y.


Buses depart hourly post-race starting at: 7:25 AM and including the 1:25PM bus; then departures switches to 1:45 and each hour after that.

Our other beautiful race in Paradise.

Next Year: October 17-19, 2025 The 29th Lake Tahoe Marathon

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