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4-Person Relay 


Sunday, October 15
Start with Marathon
See Time Line for start time


General Outline:
  • Start with the Lake Tahoe Marathoners on Meadow Road just south of Homewood Ski Area

  • 4 person teams.

  • Men only, women only, or mixed teams

  • The 3 relay exchange points are at aid stations.

  • The legs are: 7.9 miles, 5.1 miles (who's your stud?), 7.0 miles, and 6.2 miles.

  • Exchanage points are between 2 &  3 Ring Roads, Inspiration Point above Emerald Bay, and on Venice Ave by the Tennis Courts in Tahoe Keys.

  • Turn in on 15th Street, then right on Venice to get to last exchange point.

  • Finish with the Marathoners at Lakeside Beach.

  • You will drive your own car on the course to pick up and drop off each runner

  • Note that the road at the 2nd exchange (3rd & 4th runners)  point will be closed for one hour between 10 and 11 AM for the start of the Half Marathon. Plan ahead. Relay cars will not be allowed through.

  • If your vehicle is caught in the road block make your exchange next to your car.

  • Pick up your race bibs, shirts, etc on Saturday at the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel.


What's Included:
  • Medical attention and aid on the course and finish line from Barton Hospital staff

  • Beautiful medals for each member of your team

  • two event  shirts for participants

  • Overall awards for the winning teams

  • Finshers Medals for all

  • Live music, hot dogs and drinks at the finish line

  • Traffic controlled course

  • Insurance

  • Unlimited camaraderie and fun

  • Unlimited beauty


Our mile markers show  "MILES TO GO" on the race course.

See the Route, elevation profile and exchange zones here

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