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        Race Day Road Delays


There are often road delays around the lake during the Lake Tahoe Marathon due to construction and event blockades. Although we will do our best to post all of the expected delays here, there may be others as well. Visit the Cal Trans Website or the NDOT (Nevada) to see the latest delays and closures, and always plan ahead!


Friday, October 13, 2023

Lakeside Beach to Incline Village

There will be no delays except for about 5-10 minutes outside of the Snow Play area at the top of Spooner Summit on H28 just a  1/4 mile north of the H50 & H28 intersection. The delay will be for the start of the Nevada Half Marathon between 8:10 AM and 8:20 AM while the runners come out of the starting area onto H28. Runners after the first 5 minutes will be running on the shoulder of the road all the way to Incline Village and onto Lakeshore Blvd. Runners will be on the shoulder of the road NHP will patrol units will patrol the course. Runners will use the bike path between Sand Harbor and and Tunel Creek and bike paths on Lakeshore Blvd in Incline Village. No road closures


Saturday, October 14, 2023

Sand Harbor to Homewood

There will be a short delay in Carnelian Bay for 5 minutes at 8:15AM for the start of the Carnelian Bay Half Marathon coming out of Waterman's Landing parking lot. Runners will be on the shoulder or bike path all the way to the finish area just south of Homewood. No road closures until the finish line. Traffic will be detoured onto McKinney Drive just south of Homewood. 

The detour is south of Homewood off of H89 between  north McKinney Drive and south McKinney Drive. The finish line of the Cal Neva Marathon and the Carnelian Bay Half Marathon will finsih at Meadow Rd and H89, between  9AM and 1PM

Sunday, October 15, 2023

Homewood to South Lake Tahoe

Hwy. 89 Northbound (Emerald Bay Road) will be closed north of Camp Richardson (just north of  Baldwin Beach Road) starting at 7 a.m. sharp, until 11:30PM  due to the Lake Tahoe Marathon, and Emerald Bay Half Marathoners runners and walkers.  From South Lake Tahoe, traffic is open between the city limits to Baldwin Beach Road, which includes Camp Richardson, Fallen Leaf Lake Road. 

Residents of Spring Creek and Cascade Properties may pass the road block with proof of residence.


Inspiration Point

Hwy. 89 Southbound will see delays for the start of the race, and will be closed south of Inspiration Point at Emerald Bay from 10:00am to 11am for the start of The Emerald Bay Half Marathon. The Highway Patrol will sweep the 3 mile stretch from Inspiration Point to Spring Creek Road before the Half Marathon race starts. Shuttle buses and emergency vehicles are the only exception.


Homewood area

To Avoid Delays on the West Shore try to be north of Homewood before 7:00 a.m.

Southbound traffic is open except for delays due to slow race traffic or the Half Marathon start at Emerald Bay. 

Be aware the Lake Tahoe Marathon 8:00 a.m. start at Meadow Road just south of  Homewood Ski Area. There will be a traffic detour south of Meadow Road with a detour on to McKinney Rd. from 6 AM to 8:10 a.m.

After the delay for the start of the Marathon, runners will move to the mountain side  bike path until Sugar Pine Point Park, and then lakeside all the way to South Lake Tahoe, allowing cars to pass.

Visitors going from South Lake Tahoe to Emerald Bay should plan to go before 7 AM or after 11:30AM to avoid delays

For Nevada - (NDOT) road conditions 

For California Road Contions

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