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Bib Pick Up

Thursday at the BlueZone Sports store from 2 to 6PM  located at 2011 Lake Tahoe Blvd., SLT, CA 

Friday: TBA

Saturday TBA

10AM to 6PM



You can pick up your race bib at the start line if you can not get to Tahoe in time. 

You will only be picking up your race bib, T-shirts, Travel bags and license plate holder. Not all runners get Travel bags and license plate holders.  The short 5K, 10K, Kids Races, and Marathon Relay races do not receive a travel bag. But can be purchased extra for $40 from the cashier at new registration.

There are no refunds except for deployed military members.

Free Race Photo's from Captivating Sports Photo

Expo vendors:

  1. Bib pick up is at the Hard Rock Hotel in the ball room on the west side of the hotel

  2.  Suggestion: Xerox your ID  then write your race number on this sheet. This sheet or your ID will be handed to the volunteer who will get your bib and swag.

  3. You can check the confirmation link Oct 1 to find out your race number which you will need to also get into the bib pick up room.


  5. C- students will have to search the lists on the wall outside the ball room to get their number.

  6. Pick your race bib, t-shirt, travel bag, warm up clothes see through bag, on Thursday 3PM to 7PM for those doing the Triple, Trifecta, or Friday a la carte races.

  7. Trifecta and Triples will have a zoom meeting on Tuesday night. 

  8. You will actually hand your ID to a volunteer and they will get all of this stuff for you and bring it up to you. One stop shopping.

  9. If you need to buy a bus ticket or change events there will be a table for that.

  10. Those of you who preordered your bus ticket will find it printed on your race bib.

  11. Ditto on Friday, 5PM to 7PM for Saturday morning races

  12. Saturday pick up for all Sunday races and Ultra 72-miler.   10AM to 7PM

  13. In addition, those who cannot get to bib pick up at these times may pick up your Race Number race morning. You will have to do 20 pushups and have a bottle of Merlot with the Ring Master’s name on it.

  14. You will need to wear your race bib  to ride the buses. 

  15. If you have to pick up your race bib at the start line you will need to bring a copy of your printed confirmation to get on the bus.

  16. When you get to number pick up at the start line you will have to show them your ID to pick up your number.

See the Calendar of Events for bib pick Up schedule for your event.

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