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 Lake Tahoe Marathon 
 Sunday, Oct. 20, 8:AM start

Sunday's Marathon is the original Lake Tahoe Marathon and is the 3rd marathon of the Triple Marathon. The Lake Tahoe Marathon starts south of Homewood, CA.  There is an early start option. But only 8AM starters are eligible for age group awards, etc.  


The Early Starters are not eligible for any awards except for the finishers medal. The finish line is at Lakeside Beach, about six blocks from the casinos. If you get into town too late to go to the expo, you may pick up your shirt at the finish line and your race number at your start line race morning. Backpack bags are only distributed at the expo. The back of your race bib will have the bus schedule and other important information. 


Shuttle buses leave from the Beach Retreat, which is across from Safeway in SLT  . See the shuttle bus schedule printed on the back of your race bib for details and other pick-up spots. You may park at Safeway and cross the highway to the bus pick-up.

Even though the road is closed northbound from SLT, you must follow the Rules of the Road as you run on the shoulder or bike path for this race, always on the left side facing traffic when not on the bike path.

The exception is the start of the race when we start the run on the right-side bike path through Tahoma and the forest trails and cross over to Lakeside a few miles down the course.

You will receive:​
  • All finishers get a beautiful finishers medal.

  • All runners get a license plate holder and a bag at the expo.

  • All finishers get a beautiful long-sleeve technical T-shirt at the expo, which will be great for your winter training runs. 

  • The first man and woman will receive an overall award.

  • Master's awards for the first man and women (40+).

  • Medical attention and aid on the course and finish line

  • Shuttle bus service is available to the start area, and there is a free city bus back to the Beach Retreat/Safeway.

  • Live Music, hot dogs, and drinks at the Lakeside Beach finish line

  • Ultima Replenisher for on-course and finish-line drinks

The Course:
  • The start line is on H89 at Meadow Road, just south of Homewood, CA. You will be bused to the Start Line and run back to the SLT finish line at Lakeside Beach.

  • Mile marker signs read: Miles to Go

  • Run through the village of Tahoma (mile 2)

  • The small hill between miles 2-3 and then down to lake level again at Meeks Bay (mile 4)

  • Wooded areas with lake views (miles 5-8)

  • Rubicon Bay (mile 8)

  • Enjoy a very scenic 2 miles downhill before beginning the "Hill from Hell" (mile 8). From there, you will climb up about 520' over 1.9 miles. Bagpipes will urge you on to the top (mile 9.5)

  • First look at Emerald Bay (mile 11)

  • Pass Eagle Falls Trail Head, where you will be looking into the Desolation Wilderness (mile 11.5) 

  • At mile 12, head back uphill (200' gain) about 9/10th of a mile to Inspiration Point, which is the start line of the Emerald Bay Half Marathon.

  • From here to the finish, is all downhill or flat

  • Pass over Taylor Creek Bridge and watch the spawning firecracker red Kokanee salmon (mile 18)

  • At 15th Street, you will turn into Tahoe Keys (mile 19), running on bike trails and back streets until you eventually finish at Lakeside Beach below the casinos at Stateline.

  • As you cross the finish line, you will be greeted with a smile, a finisher's medal, and water. Medical attention will be available if needed, and your warm-up bag will be nearby.

  • You may want to grab a cold beer before wading into the cold blue waters of Lake Tahoe to soothe your tired feet and joints. Then, head over to get a hot dog and goodies.

  • Bring your camera, and prepare to be impressed by the sheer beauty of the course. There is little chance of a PR because this course will be all you can handle, so enjoy the day, the beauty, and the nice people you will be running with. You may not have a fast time, but you will have a great time at the Lake Tahoe Marathon.


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