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Tips from Experienced Runners



I truly believe that the weekly long run is the most important part of a marathoner's/ultra-marthoner's training program.  In training for the Triple, this would include hills in that run.  Throughout the summer, every other week I think it's a good idea to follow that weekly long run with another longer effort the next day - maybe 2/3 the time and distance of the previous day.  About a month before race week, three long days in a row is a good idea, of about 18-22 miles/day.  This should give you the confidence to finish the Triple, and also ample time to recover before the race.


Race day tips:

Take care of yourself each day.  Do whatever pre-race things you usually do, then be sure to eat and drink regularly during each stage.  What you do during today's stage will directly affect tomorrow's performance.  Immediately after each stage, sit in the lake up to your waist (so the quads are submerged) for 15 minutes.  This is really cold, especially with the wind blowing, but it really helps cool down the legs and reduce muscle swelling.  It makes a difference!  It's nice to drive the next day's course on the way back to your hotel; a little course knowledge isn't a bad thing.  Then the rest of the day, drink lots, eat lots, and rest lots.  After a nap while your crew is out and about exploring Tahoe, walk around the marathon trade show a bit to loosen the legs.  Then eat a good dinner, and try to sleep as well as you can.  Repeat.  Repeat.

~ Sean Meissner: 4-time Triple Champ

Wisdom for the Triple


I have found it is what you do between the marathons that counts. After each one, be sure to do the cold/hot treatment with your legs.  I usually walk in an unheated swimming pool for 15 minutes followed by sitting in a hot tub for 15 minuts.  Repeat 3 times.  Later, have a great meal.  Be sure to include lots of salad.  I top this off with a hot fudge sunday.  And, last but not least, be sure to get a great massage.  I try to schedule this around 6 pm so I can go to sleep early. 


When I have followed this advice, I enjoy the Triple so much more.  I also have found the 3rd day is always my best.  So, I take it easy the first and second day, followed by a great marathon the 3rd day.  I have enjoyed all of them and plan to enjoy the 2004 version.  I will be 59 on the last day and will be celebrating for 26.2 miles.


~ Jo Goner: 5-time Triple Runner

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