The 4-Person 72 Mile Ultra Relay

The 4-Person 72 Mile Ultra Relay is run around Lake Tahoe and starts with the 72 Mile Ultra runners on Saturday night.

Each team will share a car and drop off each runner for each of their 2 legs. Each leg is 9 miles long as measured by the vehicles odometer or your GPS.

Legs can be run longer or shorter. The only rule is that runners must run in the same order, like a baseball line up.

Eight legs with each leg plus or minus of 9 miles.

Can we run with only 2 or 3 runners? yes, just run in the same order with each runner doing 2 legs in the same order.

This was a custom exhibition event last year and will only be competitive if more than one team enters. 

If more than one team, the race will start at 9PM in back of the Hard Rock Hotel nearest the Sunday Marathon finish line. 

See the 72-Mile Ultra for more information.