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 Early Start Marathon


Sunday, October 20    7AM
Sunrise is 7:08 AM


A Sunday morning walk/jog you will never forget! The course starts south of Homewood on Meadow Road just south of Homewood Ski Area - same spot as the Lake Tahoe Marathon. The Custom Start is for marathoners who will finish in over 6 hours. This is a non-competitive event without age division awards, but still provides marathon finishers medals and marathon license plate frame holder. T-shrts & travel bag given at the expo only.


This is not designed as an early start for faster runners.  - Early start walkers will not be given a recorded time faster than 6 hours nor will be egible for age division awards! With the custom early start, Marathon Walkers have an 8-hour time limit. Be done by 3 PM. After that the bears eat you.

If you want to start before the buses arrive, you will need to arrange your own transportation to the start line.


Stay on the shoulder of the road or bike paths all the way. There may be traffic in both directions until approximately the first running marathoner passes you. Then only sporadic local traffic passing you in the northbound lane.


YOU will NEED A RUNNING LIGHT AND FLASHERS, AS YOU WILL START IN THE DARK. Consider lodging in Homewood on Saturday night.

You will receive the same swag as the runners except for age division awards and Top 25 award shirts.




See the Lake Tahoe Marathon page for course details & awards.

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