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The Tahoe Triple Marathon (3 x 26.2) Group

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Jack White
Jack White

Hi everyone! As a first-time mom, I'm exploring breast pumps and came across Willow 360™ and Willow Go™. Both seem impressive with their in-bra designs and hospital-grade suction. However, I’m curious about real user experiences. How do they perform in different positions? Is the cleaning process as straightforward as advertised? Any thoughts on the app connectivity and overall convenience? And most importantly, how is the customer service for Willow Pump? Your insights would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Melissa Wind
Melissa Wind
6 days ago

Having used both Willow 360™ and Willow Go™, I can say they’re game-changers. The Willow 360™ allows pumping in any position thanks to its Spill-Proof Milk Bags. Cleaning is easy and quick, especially with the reusable containers. The app connectivity is fantastic, offering real-time tracking and session recording. Willow Pump customer service has been excellent; they’re responsive and helpful, ensuring I get the most out of my pump. Highly recommend!



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