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What is a Corner Kick Bet? How to Bet on Over/Under Corners

Corner kick bets have become increasingly popular among bettors due to their unique characteristics and excitement. When betting on this type of wager, the primary focus is on the number of corner kicks taken by the teams involved.

Let's delve into the definition, how to read, and how to place corner kick soccer tip bet

What is a Corner Kick Bet?

A corner kick bet is a type of wager where the participant does not need to consider which team wins or loses, nor the number of goals scored in the match. Instead, the focus is on the number of corner kicks awarded to both teams.

Bookmakers also use the number of corner kicks to determine the outcome of these bets.

Some variations of corner kick bets include betting on which team will take the first or the last corner. These are supplementary bets and largely depend on luck.

Understanding Corner Kick Bets

When placing a corner kick bet, you need to consider various factors that might influence the number of corners in a game. The factors depend heavily on the competition and the participating teams. Bookmakers offer corner kick bets with corresponding odds for easy reference by bettors.

Though not the primary type of bet at many bookmakers, corner kick bets still attract significant interest due to their simplicity and the thrill they offer. However, it requires some experience and good analytical skills to be successful.

How to Read Corner Kick Bets

Reading and understanding corner kick bets is quite straightforward. You need to keep an accurate count of the corners during a match. Many websites aggregate match information, providing up-to-date statistics on corner kicks.

Based on Match Dynamics

The nature of the teams involved significantly affects the betting dynamics. For instance, if both teams are highly aggressive, the number of corner kicks is likely to increase. Bookmakers will then provide odds for bettors to choose the over or under option.

Important Points to Note in Corner Kick Betting

First Corner Kick: Bookmakers often offer bets on which team will take the first corner kick. Typically, bets are placed on the first eight minutes from the start of the match.

General Tips:

Avoid betting on no corner kicks, as this is highly unlikely.

Bets usually have a winning probability of 1:100. According to experienced bettors, corner kicks often appear within the first eight minutes.

Initial corner kick odds tend to be higher compared to later in the match.

Placing Corner Kick Bets

Here are some ways to place corner kick bets:

Betting on the Number of Corner Kicks

Bettors choose which team will have the most corner kicks during the 90 minutes of play, provided the match proceeds without external interruptions. This type of bet is suitable for experienced bettors with strong analytical skills.

Betting on the First and Last Corner Kick

This involves betting on which team will take the first or the last corner kick. The first corner kick bet requires analyzing the teams' strategies and determining which team is likely to attack more aggressively at the start.

If a match is postponed with no corners taken, the bet is void. If the match is interrupted but a corner has been taken, the free soccer daily tip stands.

Over/Under Corner Kick Betting

This popular method involves predicting whether the total number of corner kicks will be over or under a set number determined by the bookmaker. After the bookmaker sets the number, you bet on whether the actual number of corner kicks will be higher (over) or lower (under).

Recommended Bookmakers for Corner Kick Betting

To view and place corner kick bets for potential earnings, choose reputable bookmakers with quick transaction speeds:

Fi88: Highly rated in the betting community with a wide range of sports bets.

M88: A reliable betting platform with competitive odds.

W88: Known as one of the most trustworthy football betting sites in Vietnam, providing accurate analysis and predictions.

Fun88: Offers fast payout speeds when you win your bets.

There are numerous other bookmakers where you can place corner kick bets. Ensure you thoroughly evaluate the reputation of the bookmaker before participating.


Corner kick betting offers excitement and variety. However, to achieve the best results, thoroughly understand the type of bet you are placing and the teams involved. This knowledge will help you place accurate and successful bets.

For a list of the top 10 reputable gaming bookmakers in Vietnam, including download links and attractive promotions, please refer to additional resources.

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