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The Tahoe Triple Marathon (3 x 26.2) Group

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Steele Nickle
Steele Nickle

Base After Base is the fifth level of Geometry Dash and Geometry Dash Lite and the first level with a Hard difficulty.


A comparable degree of difficulty is maintained by Base After Base in comparison to Dry Out.

A solitary ship sequence occurs from 52% to 69%, and an antigravity cube segment occurs from 70% to 85%.

Secret coins

The initial secret object is situated at 22% and is collected in the form of a cube. Slide across two platforms and descend through an exposed section of a large column after striking a jump ring suspended over three spikes. This will lead to the coin and a jump pad.

The second secret object is situated at 47% and is collected as a cube. Upon passing beneath two overhead spikes, promptly leap to the next platform and jump again, clearing a spike to descend into a gravity portal and the coin. Before returning to the primary path, observe the cube as it ascends into an additional gravitational portal.

The third secret coin is situated at 67% and is collected as part of the ship. Collect the coin by flying into a crevice and continuing up to the exit after past three thorns in the passageway.

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