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Playing Double Chance Bet – Simple Guide from Experts

Double chance bet is a rather unfamiliar term for novice football bettors. In fact, it's a quite clever betting method that only seasoned players know how to leverage. So, how does it work, how to place bets? All of it is explained in detail by Wintips in this daily free soccer tips

What is Double Chance Bet?

Firstly, betting enthusiasts need to understand what double chance bet is. It's a betting option derived from the traditional European handicap (1×2). As you may know, the European odds have three corresponding outcomes represented by:

Home team win represented by "1".

Away team win represented by "2".

Draw represented by "X".

What if, in this bet, players are allowed to bet on 2 out of 3 outcomes? In that case, you double your chances of winning, hence the term "double chance". That's why this type of bet has the highest winning probability in football betting.

Double chance essentially covers the official match time including two halves and injury time. Therefore, if the match extends to extra time, it's still considered a draw.

Why Play Double Chance Bet?

Many novice bettors often overlook this betting option without playing it. In reality, it's a very easy-to-win option suitable for beginners because:

Very high winning probability when betting on 2 possible outcomes.

Rules for placing a double chance bet are straightforward and simple, no need for extensive reading.

If you are new to football betting, this is the easiest bet to win.

Basic Guide to Double Chance Bet

Next, Wintips will guide you through placing bets easily in this form. To play, you need to understand the symbols and how to place bets.

Symbols in Double Chance Bet

Symbols in this form are taken from the European handicap symbols with 3 icons corresponding to 3 chosen outcomes. These are:

Symbol "1X": Betting on the home team win or draw.

Symbol "X2": Betting on the away team win or draw.

Symbol "12": Betting on the match result without a draw.

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How to Play Double Chance Bet

To play, you'll place your bet on one of the three options above. Here are the possible scenarios:

1X Option: This is the option where the away team doesn't win. If the opposing team wins, you win the bet. In this case, the payout is calculated using the formula: Payout = Capital (1/odds1 + 1/oddsx).

12 Option: This is the odds when the match has a win or lose outcome, not a draw. If it's a draw, you lose the bet. The payout formula for this option is: Payout = Capital (1/odds1 + 1/odds2).

X2 Option: This represents the outcome where the home team loses. If they win, you lose this bet. The payout formula in this case is: Payout = Capital (1/odds1 + 1/oddsx).

Key Strategies for Double Chance Betting Everyone Should Know

Apart from how to play, to win double chance bets, you need some expertise from seasoned bettors. Here are some valuable betting tips from Wintips:

Don't Miss Out on Match Analysis

Similar to most forms of betting or odds, to place your money on the right outcome, you need to analyze the match. Analyzing the match is always the most crucial step in football betting. Even though double chance offers double winning chances, it doesn't guarantee a 100% win.

Certain information about the match importance, injury status, form, and playing style of both teams is what you should look into. By synthesizing this information, you can somewhat predict how the matches will unfold and make accurate decisions.

Prioritize Safe Bets

As a betting ratio for novice bettors, don't be ashamed to invest in safer options. Ensuring your capital at the beginning is more important than risking without knowing much.

Specifically, for double chance bets, you should choose the higher-rated team. For example, if the home team is stronger, prioritize the betting order of 12, then 1X.

Experience Betting on Direct Elimination Matches

For some directly elimination matches with high importance, you should approach them from a different perspective. If in regular matches you choose based on the higher-rated team, in direct elimination matches, lean towards the underdog.

For instance, if the underdog team is the away team, you should prefer X2 first and then 1X. Avoid choosing option 12 because the match might go into extra time, and the regular time still counts as a draw.


The above is the complete concept and information soccer tips sites about double chance bets. This form of betting is quite interesting and simple, suitable for new players. Visit Wintips' homepage to read more interesting articles and engage in football betting.


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